Yuli Sato explores memory through photography & printed works. 

She is based in Ottawa, Canada.



+1 (343) 987-4852


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2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography), Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec



2016 No Nostalgia in the North, Motion Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2015 I Dreamt I Was Awake, Motion Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2014 Drift, Chez Boris, Montreal, Quebec

2012 Photo 400 Graduation Exhibition, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

         Take Shelter, Cafe X Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2011 I'd Tell You But It's A Secret, Cafe X Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2010 Adolescence, Cafe X Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

        Seven Minutes in Heaven, Galerie Lilian Rodriguez, BELGO, Montreal, Quebec


Selected Publications & Clients

Frankie Magazine, Kelsey Genna, Dote Magazine, FFWD Weekly,

ERRR Magazine, Annex Vintage, Citizen Vintage, Platform Magazine, 

Zeum Magazine, The Void Magazine, CultMTL, Casino Magazine,

Tarantula Sisters Zine No. 1 & No. 2


Web Publications

FIIIIRST Anonymous Photo Conversation with Julien Talbot (Edition 2 / #23) 

DAY.TRIP Photography PeriodicalOTMzineC-Heads Magazine, Zeum Magazine,

Freckled MagazineInterfold Magazine